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Haunted History Tour of the Northeast: Paranormal Pilgrimage to Fort Mifflin

The Haunted Mafia presents Haunted History Tours of the Northeast! Join the team at PARA (Palmerton Area Research Alliance) , Dave Juliano, (Ghost Hunters Store/ Ghost Detectives), Kathrine Sorilos, world renowned trance medium, Our Haunted Lives David Taylor and Ashley Moreno and the creators and psychics of 24 Hours in Hell, Laurissa Rex, and Sarah Grim, for a Paranormal Pilgrimage to Fort Mifflin. Just outside of the Philadelphia area, this fort is rich in history lending to its active hauntings and The Haunted Mafia invites you to explore these hauntings with them and their special guests!



Begin your evening with a gallery reading by world renowned trance medium Kathrine Sorilos. Experience astonishing mediumship as she channels yuour loved ones and connects beyond the veil to bring you messages from the other side. Then meet and greet with the team at PARA, Dave Juliano, Dave and Ashley from Our Haunted Lives (PARAflixx) and Laurissa Mary and Sarah Grim of 24 Hours in Hell, a new TV Series . Sit around the glowing embers of the bonfire under the autumn sky and if you purchased a Seance Ticket participate in a special Spirit Circle with Our Haunted Lives, Kathrine during remote viewing and Laurissa and Sarah.

Finally, you will either be released to investigate the fort solo or set out on a guided tour. Special tour options with remote viewing by Kathrine are available! There are 3 tickets available:

The Psychic Tour: Join Laurissa and Sarah and Kathrine (on remote viewing) on a tour of the fort and experience the metaphysical side of paranormal investigating. Remote viewing is limited to wi-fi availability at the fort. Some areas are underground and will not have access to the internet.

The PARA Tour: Have the team at Palmerton Area Research Alliance, take you to the hotspots of the fort and investigate taking advantage of over 20 years of paranormal ingenuity to maximize your experience.

The Solo Soldier: Don’t like guided tours? Grab your equipment and go solo around the fort!

Tour groups will be released to free roam the location at 1 AM.

Throughout the evening the hosts at the #1 talk show on PARAflixx, David and Ashley of Our Haunted Lives, will also be broadcasting live social media and on their TV channel and they may even interview YOU. This duo is also an investigative team and they will join you during the evening for some of the action!

Finally, turn in for the evening at the fort but be sure to bring your own bedding. The officers quarters are one of the most active spots at the fort and you get to sleep there overnight. Stay on a bunk or bring a cot or an air mattress.

Prefer a tent spot? You may choose either at check out. We have 2 man or 4 man tent sites as well! Cheaper than a hotel and more convenient after a long night of investigating as well! What better way to end the year and to begin the holiday season than a pilgrimage to Ft Mifflin!

Check out at 9 AM.

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