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Intro to Demonology

Whether you want to learn more about the darker side in order to avoid it or to help people living it, you should know the basics of demonology.

An introduction to the darker side of paranormal research. Learn the basics demonology based on real cases from infestation through possession and exorcisms Learn about the risks, pitfalls and entities you may encounter.

The class is given by Dave Juliano (www.davejuliano.com). He not only has 35 years of experience investigating and helping to resolve negative cases but he also has lived through demonic attacks in his personal life. This gives him a unique perspective. He knows what is like to deal with the most extreme cases as well as being the victim of demonic attacks. He personal experiences are what drives him to help as may people as he can. Part of that mission is to help other paranormal investigators, whether they handle negative cases or not, understand this side of the field so they can stay and keep others safe.

From infestations, oppression and possession to exorcisms and deliverances. Learn about the risks, pitfalls and entities you may encounter.


10/13/19 12pm – 5pm
At Whitehill Mansion, Fieldsboro NJ

$40 pp must by over 21

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