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Over the past 16 years The GhostHunter Store® has hosted public investigations at many nationally famous and local haunted locations across the eastern United States. The formula was very simple. Keep the price down as low as possible in order to allow these events to be affordable to those who could not go some of these locations due to higher cost or group size requirements. The GH Store made it possible for individuals and small groups of two or three people go to some of the most haunted locations without breaking the bank. The second part of the formula was not assigning people into groups and allowing them instead to go to wherever they are drawn and spend as much time there as they like. When you combine this with simple rules like no provoking, respecting the spirits and fellow investigators plus keeping the overall groups who attend small and manageable, it has made these events a huge success. Over 90% of the investigations sell out and have gotten great reviews.


Staying with this tradition, Rich Rozell of Coal Region Paranormal and the Ghost Detectives along with Dave Juliano and The GhostHunter Store have joined forces to build a bigger and better paranormal events hosting company, Haunted Explorations Events. Rich has 13 years of experience in the paranormal field. He is the Lead Investigator of Coal Region Paranormal and one of the Executive Producers and cast member of The Ghost Detectives TV show. Dave has been investigating the paranormal for over 30 years and is the founder of The Shadowlands website. He has been the Director of South Jersey Ghost Research for 19 years and is the owner of The GhostHunter Store which he started 16 years ago.
You can expect some big investigations and events coming up in 2018 and beyond. Some of the locations we can announce now are the Knickerbocker Hotel, Moundsville State Penitentiary, Hillview Manor, Fort Mifflin, The David Stewart farm, and many more along with numerous fundraising events for large and small historic locations. Stay tuned and follow us on our Facebook page and website. PA and many more along with numerous fundraising events for large and small historic locations.   We also run Paracons (paranormal conventions) including the first three Pennhurst Paracons, the first Rolling Hills Paracon, the first Moundsville (W Virginia State Penitentiary) Paracon and many others coming soon.


Policy Statement  
  • We reserve the right to deny access to a location due to safety concerns about the location itself or an individual attendee.  
  • Any use of  drugs or alcohol on an investigation will result in ejection from that investigation.
  • Because most of the investigations are fundraisers for historic sites we have a 72 hour cancellation policy.   Cancellations before 72 hours prior to an event will be refunded.   Cancellations after 72 will not be refunded but may be issued a credit towards another investigation.



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