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Wilson Castle-Con and Psychic Fair

Come one, come all to the Wilson Castle-Con and Psychic Fair! This event is a celebration of all things Halloween with a hint of royalty and a hue of Gatsby style.


The CastleCon & Psychic Fair is brought to you by the ParaFam at The Haunted Mafia,  Dave Juliano, Ghost Detectives (Sci-Fi Channel) &  Laurissa Mary, psychic medium, (24 Hours in Hell) , in Collaboration with  David Childers, Haunted Hospitals, Paranormal Revenge (Travel Channel), and broadcast live by the #1 paranormal talk show  Our Haunted Lives. It celebrates royal heritage, haunted glamor and Halloween across the paranormal and horror genres with some of the most iconic and powerful industry favorites in combination with the best grass roots personalities THM could muster for a celebration this unique.

This 3 day event begins with a special VIP investigation at Wilson Castle, Vermont’s ONLY haunted Castle, on Friday, October 18th at 7 PM. The investigation is open to both solo investigators OR you can join a tour group with any of the special guests that will be in attendance and head out to uncover what is true and what is legend at this 250 year old haunted estate.

Saturday, spend your day on the vast and sprawling grounds with over 100 vendors and 35 special guests perusing food, beverages, crafts, merchandise and oddities from all around the country. Visit your special guest speakers from today’s NEWEST  and hottest TV series and movies and see what’s still to come in paranormal entertainment. Break away from the mundane and ordinary and hear from fresh faces on the latest in parascience research. Visit icons like Joe Franke, the ORIGINAL student of Ed and Lorrain Warren, and find out what REALLY happened on those infamous cases and where the real haunted objects are currently. Or, visit today’s up and coming Youtubers like Lawrence Milano at MONDODocs and learn why healthy skepticism is alive and well on and everything is NOT a demon. Visit the Blue Bodhi and experience first hand why she has taken TikTok by storm as the Aura Witch. Speak with Amanda Wolf about Past Life Experiences and see if you pierced that vale before too! Visit with your cast of the HOTTEST new paranormal reality series, 24 Hours in Hell: A Paranormal Journey Through Hell House and learn about the layers of hauntings occurring at the set of the infamous Hell House occult movie franchise!

These guests and many more will be speaking, mingling and eager to share their experiences with you to make for a truly unique event with fresh young faces, old school knowledge and innovative new perspectives to make for a truly intriguing and stimulating weekend of paranormal entertainment and education at the only haunted castle in Vermont! (Full guest line up listed below.)

On Saturday, at 10 AM join a very select few patrons at the top floor of the Castle for the Psychic Fair and witness truly amazing talent as it emerges in our industry. Witness the hottest and newest mediums, reiki healers, readers, shaman’s and more as they showcase themselves across TWO psychic panels introducing themselves to YOU. Then be a part of TWO exclusive gallery readings, (included in the admission to the fair), where 2 of our mediums will communicate beyond the veil, bringing you messages from beyond. Finally, over this 4 hour  time span, enjoy an intimate session of bonding time with our VIP guests as we whisk them away from the CastleCon to the castle tower to be with you where there are no lines so you can enjoy merchandise, photo ops, autographs and one on one time with your favorites before they rejoin the CastleCon mainstreamers after the fair concludes!

Saturday night get ready to dance the night away with our DJ while sipping on Roaring 20s themed drinks in your best 20s outfits. Don’t want to dress up? That’s ok, you don’t have to! Come dressed to impress or come to hang with us as your 2024 self, just be sure to show up ready to party. Catered food is included in the ticket price. There will be a cash bar on the premises as well. Our Mistress of Ceremonies, Paranormal Drag Queen Monique Toosoon will be our star entertainer for the evening, bringing us games, auctions and costume contests.

Sunday, take advantage of the second part of the CastleCon and if you booked a psychic reader Saturday at the Psychic Fair, make sure to stop by to visit them for your reading! Do some last minute shopping and stop in the castle to bid farewell to heiress Denise Davine, whose Grandfather Col Wilson is the castle’s namesake.

We have bundle options available for anyone who likes a discount and wants to take advantage of the weekend’s festivities. We also took the initiative and booked you some great hotel discounts so call the Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn or the Best Western in Rutland and mention the event and we have you covered with a pretty great discount!

Our speaker line up is pretty fantastic and we have some great topics to cover. Speakers will vary across both days so be sure to get a copy of the schedule before you check in. Below is a sneak peak at some of what we have in store so far. There will be two speaking areas. Additionally, we will be adding some big surprise guests later in the year– As if we need to add any more!

Any questions or concerns please email us at thehauntedmafia@gmail.com

We hope to see you there!


Special guest speaker line up beginning 9 AM Saturday:


Cahni Katana, (Paranormal Revenge, Canadian Tv)

Thomas Gormley (Archangel of the Paranormal, Prime)

Joe Franke (The Warren Legacy Foundation)

Santiago Cirilo (The Walking Dead)

Bill Slevin (Discovery+, Travel Channel)

Rich Valdes (A Haunting; The Legion of Exorcists, Travel Channel)

Dave Juliano (Ghost Detectives, Sci-Fi, Ghost Hunters Store)

David Childers (A&E, Travel Channel, Paranormal Revenge)

David Taylor (Our Haunted Lives, PARAflixx)

Laurissa Mary ( 24 Hours in Hell, Amazon Prime/PARAFlixx)

Leitreanna Brown (Repossessed, HULU)

Sarah Grim (24 Hours in Hell/ Amazon Prime/PARAFlexx)

Heather Leigh Landon (Ghost Adventures, Real Haunts)

Jenni Khols (Expedition Entity/ We Are Paranoral, PARAflixx)

Nathan Hopwood, Mike Minigh (We Are Paranormal, PARAflixx)

Jenn Jacobs (Global Ghost Hunt)

Brandon Cooper (Supernatural Ink/ Shaman Sundays)

Sarah Grim (24 Hours in Hell)

Amanda Wolf (Reiki Master, Near Death Experiences)

Lawrence Milano (Mondodocs/ 24 Hours in Hell)

Medium Bianca Rose (Psychic Medium)

Shannon Collins (Scream Within a Dream)

Chris Sanders (Paranormal Explorer/ Travel Channel)

A portion of the proceeds for this event go to finishing the restoration of this historical masterpiece, owned by Heiress Denise Davine. So, come out and

support paranormal research, historical preservation and have a little Halloween season fun at the Wilson Castle-Con

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